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今夜からdeborah lippmannのセールがまたまた始まります。

そしてお楽しみがもうひとつ。RBL(Rescue Beauty Lounge)の新しいコレクション「The Fan Collection 3.0」がついにお披露目です!

deborah lippmannのセール

10月9日(金) 午後9:00からGilt(ギルト)でdeborah lippmannのセールが開催されます。




RBLの新色#The Fan Collection3.0



今回のコレクション#The Fan Collection3.0は、ファンからカラーアイディアとインスピレーションイメージを募り、投票によって決定されたもの。云わばRBLのファンによるファンのためのコレクション




この記事によると上位6位が選ばれる(- only the top six winning colors will be produced)みたいではありますね。

Finalist #5: Danielle Connell

栄えある1位に輝いたのはDanielle Connell。宇宙空間と海からインスピレーション。魚のうろこのように、パープル、ブルー、マジェンタに色が変化。グリッターはきらめく星をイメージ。


Two things that excite (and somewhat terrify) me are outer space and the sea.
My inspiration for a new shade are those two extremes, as well as my favorite colors — multi-faceted shades of purple, blue, magenta– think fish scales. I love glitter in my polishes or sometimes a well done shimmer makes an even bigger impact — think stars.


Finalist #6: Sarah BeauTime


The idea is to have an off-white base (nothing too strong) with gold particles in it, similar to Naked without polish (which had a pink base). I love naked without polish and I believe this can be a unique addition to your line. The particles should show through so probably base will not be 100% opaque.
I love white & gold, I think it can be worn all year around, it is classy and chic.

Sarah BeauTime

Finalist #2: Shelly Ackerman


I’m dreaming of a shade that (as of yet?) has been missing from the RBL spectrum. It’s rich and decadent and just dripping with luxury. A vivid magenta! A semi-translucent jelly, but one that is so drenched in color that it can become fully opaque in just a few coats. It’s depth is filled with shimmer, a shimmer like (the first) Scrangie so deep you feel as though you could dive right in and swim around for hours. A magenta that almost glows from within with stunning teal and gold, sparkling, shining through it’s layers… Her name is still a mystery to me but I know that she is sassy, chic, glamorous and fierce. She can let her hair down in jeans and a tee or fit right in at a black tie affair. She is truly a mesmerizing sight to behold. Can you see it? Can you almost feel it on your fingertips as I can?

Shelly Ackerman

Finalist #3: Lygie Hinkle


The color I crave is a juicy jelly a la Starfish Patrick with bright burgundy base. It is luminous like Poco a Poco, illuminated by the soft, peached pink glow and subtle flashes of orange. The color is vibrant, bold, and spirited. At once bright and sparkling and mysterious and dark.

Lygie Hinkle

Finalist #10: Ashley Lindroth


This dream color would be an icy pastel blue/green with magical iridescent sparkles. It would be light and bright, never described as muted or dusty. More blue than Aqua Lily, and much lighter than Faraway. Closer to the color of Bikini Bottom, but striking and opaque. I imagine the sparkle effect to be along the lines of Scrangie, and NailsandNoms. Tiny yet highly effective.

Ashley Lindroth

Finalist #14: Nancy Riley


I am thinking of a beautiful, delicate color I have never seen anywhere before. It incorporates qualities of two of my favorite RBL polishes of all time, yet it is unique. The base of my dream color is a translucent porcelain white, like the finish of Bella. It is interlaced with shimmers of the most exquisite blush pink and a dusting of gold. The feeling of the shimmer would be like that of Aqua Lily, where the hints of color just peek through, giving the overall color a “lit from within” quality.
My polish is called “Ethereal.” It is reflected in a fleeting sunrise, the lining of a seashell, the bubbles of pink champagne in a gold rimmed flute, the shimmering silk of a sari, the glow of a candle through a gossamer white curtain. Ethereal is elegant and infinitely wearable, but has the merest hint of flash. It’s a versatile polish that can be worn by anyone, for any occasion.

Nancy Riley



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